After a break of more than a year, Telugu actor Aadi Saikumar is getting ready for a big return to the silver screen. The versatile actor revealed the name of his upcoming project, “Krishna from Brindavanam.” Inaugurated officially in Hyderabad, the project is directed by Veerabhadram Chowdary, who previously worked with Aadi on the movie “Chuttalabbai.”

Fans are excitedly awaiting Aadi’s big-screen comeback, and the announcement of “Krishna from Brindavanam” represents an exciting development in his career. A new phase in Aadi’s cinematic journey will soon begin with the film’s principal photography.

Under the auspices of Lakshmi Prasanna Productions, Thumu Narasimha and Jami Srinivasa Rao are the film’s producers. It looks to be a compelling film. Veerabhadram Chowdary’s imaginative vision and the support of seasoned producers could make “Krishna from Brindavanam” a memorable film for viewers.

Excitingly, the project will have even more momentum when renowned music director Anup Rubens is on board to write the film’s musical score. It is expected that Aadi’s return to the big screen with ‘Krishna from Brindavanam’ will rekindle his fan base’s passion and enthrall viewers with his brilliant performance.

Aside from “Krishna from Brindavanam,” Aadi Saikumar is working on a number of intriguing projects, such as “Rudhiraksha” and “Shanmukha.” Aadi is set up for a huge comeback and to once again leave an enduring impression on the Telugu film industry thanks to his diverse talent and commitment to his craft.

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