What’s in a name? Ask young entrepreneur Justin Kimbrough, and he’ll say everything, especially when that name is Timothy Sykes, a successful stock trader who fueled the entrepreneurial fire inside Justin. Once fueled, the fire only burns brighter and grows stronger with each passing day. In this article, Justin reflects on his journey and success as an entrepreneur.

Justin was born in Arlington, Texas, on 23rd June, 1997. Perhaps it was the magic of the midsummer month or something in the stars above that destined Justin to follow the path of freedom. His mid-teens was the time of his entrepreneurial awakening. It was the beginning of change. He recalls, “When I was 15 years old, I ran my own land-mowing business. People’s response to my efforts kept me going, and it got me thinking that business is something I was cut out for and that I actually enjoyed helping others. As I was contemplating my future, I was introduced to penny stock trader Timothy Sykes. He’d made millions by trading and a million more by teaching. I was hooked. I saw entrepreneurship as a gateway to freedom and all of life’s joys. To prove myself right, I took a loan of $3000 and managed to turn it into $100k. I took my first real success as a sign, and there hasn’t been any looking back since.”

Today, Justin wears many hats. He’s a pro golfer, an environmentalist, and an enthusiastic vegan. He’s also the owner of multiple businesses ranging from an 18-wheeler trucking business and a social media advertising firm to a not-for-profit organization. And it’s inspiring how he maintains the same level of enthusiasm for all aspects of his life and drives them all to the best of his ability. He says, “I am a hard worker above all. And hard work cannot be accomplished without strong discipline. And if your discipline lacks vision and joy, it can make you bitter and your work can suffer. My goal is to keep the joy alive in me. To do that, I spend quality time with my family and friends. That freedom was and remains the goal of my life. Keeping up with it keeps me joyful, and everything else flows from there. I like to bring the best out of myself onto the table every day. That’s how I like to work.”

Young, dynamic, and driven to the core, Justin is just the spirit that invigorates entrepreneurship with joyful success.

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