Author Kaia Ra has garnered an overwhelming response for her widely acclaimed book ‘The Sophia Code’. Published in 2016, the book received the status of an international bestseller within four days of its release, and it continues to enjoy the status. The translated version in French has also found success in France.

The book made waves due to its content – an introduction to Goddess Sophia. In the words of Kaia, “The Sophia Code is a live transmission from the divine source and a sacred text that is here to assist you in everyway itresonates for your courageous human journey.”

Shedding light on the inspiration for the book, she shares, “In 2008, I was consciously taken into the light of Sophia, the One Divine Mother, Creatrix of All Life, to meet with an Ascended Master High Council called ‘The Sophia Dragon Tribe.’ This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented me with the great honor to write on their sovereignty as a love letter to humanity from Sophia, Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.”

The book introduces Sophia as the divine feminine source and her dragon tribe, which includes Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and White Buffalo Woman. Each chapter introduces one Goddess and includes keycode initiation, which is designed as a blueprint for self-initiating your spiritual awakening by engaging directly with the Ascended Masters to understand how to live in your divine consciousness.

The Sophia Code is a powerful yet sublime reminder that we are empowered with healing energies and divine nature to transform our lives. It helps to dive deep into the recesses of our DNA, heal our wounds and give birth to a new paradigm through The Sophia Code divine genome that equally exists within us all and transforms from within, without resistance. It also offers an assurance that we are deeply loved by the angels that surround us.

Kaia Ra is a spiritual teacher, Divine Feminine Speaker, and a celebrated Oracle who leads a worldwide movement for humanity’s reconciliation with its innate sovereign divinity through the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. She is also a brilliant artist and designer. She downloads angelic ascension technology through the vehicles of visual campaigns, jewelry, altar blueprints, sacred space design, and lifestyle products that will help you to embody the Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

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