Podcasts have become very popular these days, and there is none better than Antony Gordon’s. The Antony Gordon show serves as a motivational and life-changing podcast, where Gordon counters the important topics that are pushed onto our society by popular culture. Gordon is an established businessman, a reputable attorney, and a certified rabbi who gives advice similar to that of a life-coach on his podcast. For anyone who is looking to make a 180 degree turn in life, Gordon’s podcast is imperative. Now that Gordon has attained a substantial following, he is taking his show to speak in front of a live audience at the Mastermind Zenith Retreat (“MZ Retreat”). Gordon will be lending his knowledge to fellow successful business entrepreneurs in this life-changing retreat. Although Gordon is not a keynote speaker, his presence is of monumental importance, as he will be contributing to keynote speakers like Jeff Lamm, Nate Lambert, and Lance King.

The retreat is a direct reflection of the principles and values shared by Gordon on his podcast, as the speakers highlight the importance of foundational values that are integral in achieving a successful life transformation. Such values are integrity, morality, love, and ethics. These important principles play a pivotal role in helping an individual find their higher purpose, one that does not only benefit the individual themself, but also society as a whole. Speakers Jason Hartman and Michelle Tucker emphasize different channels for attaining financial success, as well has how to forecast our difficult and evolving economy.

The ultimate goal is to transform an individual by finding a successful career, and their purpose for existence. This is achieved through a variety of avenues like lectures, group activities, presentations, and exercises. The retreat is set in stunning Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and this is the perfect place for a safe and tranquil environment that helps an individual focus on their goals- all while leaving their worries and problems behind. The retreat gives attendees’ tangible ways that can be implemented on a daily basis to rewire their thought process, ultimately giving them the ability to attain a successful life transformation.

The Zenith retreat aims to help an individual find the peak of their spiritual essence, financial well-being, and personal happiness. There are many more Zenith retreats scheduled for 2021 to take place around the country, as well as the entire world. They also provide an immense array of self-improvement materials that parallel the teachings of the retreat. If you are looking to change your life, attending a Zenith retreat should be at the top of your list.

For more info, please visit www.mastermindzenithretreats.com

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