Most companies have now realized just how digital marketing can have a significant impact on their sales when compared to the traditional forms of advertising. They now appreciate the importance of digital channels of advertising and have even developed their own digital marketing strategies. WannerAarts, a Dutch digital marketing expert, has been at the forefront of the growth of digital marketing and is excited for what the future holds for the industry. I had the pleasure of speaking with him to learn about his journey in the industry, and the ins-and-outs of digital marketing.

Q: Hi Wanner! How did you end up as a digital marketer? Was it something you envisioned yourself doing ten years ago?

How I got into digital marketing is interesting. In 2013, I had an operation done on my appendix that ended up with me staying in the hospital for over nine months. I was lagging behind in my education and had to go back a few classes since I couldn’t catch up with my peers while in hospital. I decided to focus on YouTube, and in 2014 I started a Minecraft channel that grew to 350k subscribers. I later left the channel, and in 2018 started WannerDigital Media, a licensing company that provides content creators with copyright protection and video licenses among other services.

Q: Could you explain what video licensing entails?

A: With so many viral YouTube videos being used by other content creators (and even traditional media outlets such as TV shows), content creators have to copyright their work. They can then have a license in place that gives a third party permission to use their video. For video content creators, it is easier for them to partner with a licensing company that in turn charges anyone who wants to use the video a fee. This way, the copyrighted owner earns money from their video being used by third parties.

Q: You are also an expert digital marketer. What are some of the most effective digital marketing techniques that anyone should focus on?

Social media marketing is obviously one of the top ones, especially in recent times when everyone with a smartphone and internet access has a social media account. Instagram and Facebook are the most popular ones, but TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reddit are also suitable platforms to use.

Content marketing is also another effective technique that digital marketers and brands alike should explore. Quality content about a brand posted online on various top blogs and news sites will give you lots of brand visibility and drive more traffic to your brand.

Q: What is the most useful advice on digital marketing that you can share?

A: Always treat people (your target market) like people, instead of treating them like a data point or a market. When you can relate to them as people instead of as a source of views, your marketing strategy will be more relatable to them and it will become more effective. You’re likely to get a higher sales conversion rate if people can relate to the ads, and this can only happen if you relate to them and their experiences well.

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