For some people fitness is just about any hobby and for others it is a way of life. It really depends on how you look at it, whether it is just a casual sudden boost or a long term passion working up.

Whether anyone agrees or not, fitness must be taken seriously by people from almost all aspects of life. Be it student, a stay at home mom or a working teenager, it plays a very important role in our lives and helps us to enhance our daily activities so that people can transform into a better version of themselves rather than struggling with a number of everyday tasks.

Shane Makan is one such individual who has improved the lives of many. Not everyone wants to put up a success story, some of them just want to surpass their personal goals and make sure that they keep moving forward. Makan is leading Hammer Fitness at the moment. He has been using the online platform to for quite some time now because of the present coronavirus situation, obviously the safety of the client comes first and the always manage to give their best to the clients so that they do not lack from any aspect.

It is really difficult to find a coach who will not only give you good fitness advice but also recommend workouts and fitness tactics according to their particular body type. Obviously, not everyone can be subjected to the same kind of coaching and it needs to be personalized at a particular level. This is the reason why Shane specializes here, he has been working efficiently since 2015 and has never had a bad complaint. In fact, a lot of people want him as their coach because of his efficiency in this field and the experience.

He has had the opportunity to coach people who are completely different, ranging from highly motivated clients to businessmen who just want to get themselves going with it. It’s not the same with everyone but the effort matters. Shane Makan puts in his everything and also makes sure that the client is doing so too. It is not just his talent, this is a combined effort of his amazing motivational personality.

Be the magazine cover or the latest publication, Shane has been on quite a few of them, attracting a rather large fan following to his Instagram @shanemkn. However, life really went uphill after winning the inside fitness model search and then the Canadian Nationals. Actrually, this is the reason why he got to be a part of hammer fitness. The best decision of his life! Join today and see positive outcomes.