Identify the pillars of your content

Photo and video content is at the heart of Instagram.The more than 100 million photos and videos shared every day on the platform are proof of that.

 But what should the content you add be about?

Before thinking about visual content, style and design, it’s helpful to define an overview of the message you want to convey and the topics you want to cover. Some companies focus on their product (as Nike Running does, for example), others on the needs of the community and their culture (as WeWork does).

“Content Is King But Context Is Queen. When it comes to content strategy, on Instagram as on every social network, there is no precise rule to follow. It all depends on the context in which you operate but above all on your buyer persona, or rather, what your ideal customer might expect to see and interact with.”

The important thing is to create content that will interest and engage your followers and allow you to achieve your goals.

For this, the starting point must be to build fundamentals on which you can then develop content.

All businesses, regardless of size, industry or geographic location have the ability to share quality content on Instagram.

This content can be about the stories of the people who make up the company, the company culture, the product and its uses, demonstrations and so on. The most shared content by companies are: behind-the-scenes, user generated content (via re-sharing), product demonstrations and showcases, educational content (guides), cultural content that can showcase the brand’s ethics and values, fun and entertaining content, customer stories and case studies, and team presentation content.

Before deciding what type of content to focus on, it can be helpful to brainstorm to gather ideas and then formulate the content marketing strategy.

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