The COVID 19 pandemic has hit every industry the hardest it could. With the whole economy ruptured, industries like Fitness and Grooming found themselves trapped in a black hole as they had nowhere to go. Vicious cycles of lockdowns bankrupted many businesses in these industries. However, as the pandemic is slowly moving towards its endemic age, the Fitness and Athletics Studios have breathed a sigh of relief. But the how and when of the complete revival of their industry is the biggest question as of now. And to talk about it we have none other than the international athlete director of FIF, Manvir Mander.

Manvir Mander is an Indian based businessman who is currently based in Singapore. He says- “When the pandemic started everyone took it lightly, and it was a major mistake.” Now coming on to The Fitness and Bodybuilding industry, it was one of the worst-hit industries in this pandemic. The uptight lockdowns and the enormous social distancing norms affected very harshly to the economies of the many gyms and fitness studios all over the world. It was rather convenient for the upper-class people to get all the gym equipment in the comfort of their homes to train themselves. But in a country such as ours, with an enormous economic inequality and a big chunk of the population coming from rural and suburban societies, continuing their training on their own is a luxury that most cannot afford. The very livelihoods of athletes posed a threat in the pandemic. That is where the esteemed international athlete director of FIF, Manvir Mander emerged as a savior.

Not only did Manvir use all his connections and his position to support the athletes who were in dire need of his help. Manvir took it on his own and started a whole movement to provide all the necessary aid to the athletes. In a time when the whole country was locked inside of their homes, Manvir stepped up and provided aid to thousands of athletes not just from India but from all over the world including America, Canada, and England. The timely help by Manvir not only helped some of the most talented individuals with their training but also saved many livelihoods.

Manvir was born in a family of sports personals. His father is a former national Kabaddi player for the country. Because of his family, Manvir had a strong influence on the sports industry right from an early age. Starting his career as an electrician, Manvir worked hard throughout his life and later went on to join the FIF in 2016.

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