With his “Not-For-Profit” financial services platform based on blockchain technology, the young business man has proven his worth.

To become a change-maker in an industry that has constantly evolved needs guts, but certain entrepreneurs have done even that and have made waves with their one-of-a-kind financial services in a system that so far thrived on traditional banking services only. “Modernization, be it in any industry, is the key to success,” states Pierrick Jamaux, who is leading his way to the top as a key player in the vast digital financial world. It takes courage to be a change-maker in an industry that is always evolving, but some entrepreneurs have done just that and made waves with their one-of-a-kind financial services in a system that has relied solely on traditional banking services. “Modernization is the key to success in any field,” says Pierrick, who is amongst those few hardworking entrepreneurs.

At the age of 32, Pierrick has demonstrated how commitment and a persistent search to maximize the financial industry’s potential can assist professionals and entrepreneurs transform their ambitions into reality. He wants more people to join the revolution right now by becoming a member of the world’s fastest growing blockchain community. He has completely transformed the way people handle money and banking, creating an ecosystem that serves its members with his one-of-a-kind Not-for-Profit financial services platform named hi. He also wants more people to prefer crypto over paper money, which he believes is outmoded in today’s world.

The forward-thinking enterpriser claims that the days of traditional banking processes and practices are long gone. Now is the time to think smarter and streamline these processes to make them faster, cheaper, and more convenient. He admits that innovation and the ability to change people’s perceptions of money and banking piqued his interest, and that they have now established an environment in which they passionately serve their members.

Pierricks attention to detail and ability to always come up with better ideas for making people’s futures brighter have propelled him to the forefront of the industry.

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