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Mega Projects Bangladesh ability to attract and invest capital into its developing infrastructure needs has significantly increased post COVID with investors abroad now looking at the country as a place with strong investment potential. The country is strategically located between the groups of ASEAN and SAARC signatories whilst also providing a lucrative land bridge to China via the Himalayas. These crucial factors make it especially attractive to foreign investment as it positions the country as an Asian hub with cross border trade to over 3 billion participants.

mega projects bangladesh Similarly, Bangladesh has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to borrow and repay large scale infrastructure loans in a timely manner thus enhancing its identity as a credit worthy nation. Furthermore, the last five years has seen an increase in those classed as middle income further advancing its attractiveness amongst its neighbours.

This attractiveness can all be attributed to a more progressive governmental approach towards restructuring and an advanced outlook with an economic roadmap. One such aspect is its development of key infrastructure projects referred to as the Bangladesh Mega Projects. This article brought to you by BestBari will cover each of these projects that will contribute to the overall health of the economy and spur further growth.

1. Padma Bridge

Length 6.15km

Cost $3.6 Billion USD

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a two-level rail-road bridge spanning the Padma river which is one of the main channels of the Ganges. The bridge will connect the districts of Louhajang, Zazira and Shariatpur essentially linking the underdeveloped southwest of the country to the more developed north and eastern districts.

The bridge is deemed one of the most challenging construction projects in Bangladesh’s history. The dual level teel truss bridge will carry a four-lane highway whilst also supporting a single-track railway on the lower deck whilst spanning 6.16km, giving it the title of the longest bridge to cross the Ganges. The construction was deemed one of the most challenging projects due to the Padma rivers relentless ferocious undercurrents and monsoonal tides requiring pilings at a depth of 127metres into the bedrock. The bridge is expected to contribute to the economy by approximately 1.2- 2%.

Padma bridge, the largest to span the mother Ganga at 6.15km in length

2. Padma Rail link project

Length 215km

Cost $4.6 Billion USD

The rail project will increase accessibility between the cities of Dhaka and the less developed south western and central regions of the country. This alternate route afforded by the project will allow for a route 212km shorter than the existing rail line that currently services the Dhaja, Jessore and Khulna lines. Furthermore, there are no speed or load restrictions and the track facilitates the differences between the national and regional rail gauges thus improving the travel time increasing efficiency for cross country container and cargo rail services. Construction will also permit future expansion to connect the city of Barisal and importantly the port located at Payra.

mega projects bangladesh

The new link will become a vital railway corridor in terms of national as well as regional railway traffic demand.

3. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Cost $12.6 Billion USD

Power generated 2400 MW

The nuclear power plant, the first of its kind for Bangladesh developed with Russian oversight is expected to produce 2.4GW and is to be built in Rooppur on the banks of the Padma river about 140km west of Dhaka. The construction phase will see about 12,500 new jobs locally and is expected to generate 19 billion kWh annually which amounts to 15% of the country’s electricity needs. Completion of this build enhances its strategic goal of leveraging the middle-income nation with a focus on the intersection of science and technology that this project brings.

Importantly, the power plant places a pivotal role in decreasing both the unit cost of electricity production and the dependence of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal for power generation. This further will protect the countries natural resources by reducing pollution associated with fossil fuels and assist with stabilising and enhancing energy security.

The Rooppur nuclear power plant will produce 15% of Bangladesh’s annual electricity needs.

4. Dhaka Metro Rail Link

Cost $2.82 Billion USD

Length 20.1Km

The Dhaka Metro is a state-of-the-art mass rapid transit system being constructed in Dhaka. Combined with the light rapid transit system (LRT) will serve to ease the extreme traffic jams and congestion that burden the countries capital which is deemed one of the heaviest in the world. Line-6 will consist of 16 above ground stations each 180metres long and supported by 20km of light rail tracks. The entire metro line and some of the light rail is elevated about the city roads and to permit unobstructed traffic flow below.

The Metro line is expected to service more over 60,000 passengers every hour with a wait time of only four minutes. The entire route can be competed in les than 40 minutes averaging a speed of 100km/h and expected to drop the number of private cars as well as eliminate their notorious seven-hour long traffic jams. The Metro will adopt magnetic ticketing and smart cards to ensure efficiency as well as platform screen doors to bolster safety. When completed, the link will support six fully air-conditioned cars every four minutes going in both directions to each of stations. 

The Metro’s inaugural test run over the city of Dhaka.

5. The Rampal Power Station

Cost $5 billion USD

Power generated 1320 MW

The Rampal Power Station is a 1.32 megawatt approximately 7.5% of the countries needs and is a coal fired power station under construction in Rampal. It is being built over 1834 acres of land and as result will be the country’s largest power plant. A major driver behind this new power plant is to satisfy the needs for Bangladesh’s 157million people and enhancing the economy. Currently the country produces 8000MW however demand strongly outstrips the supply with rolling black outs and outages that can last for hours. With only 65% of people receiving electricity (excluding those who rely on solar) this critical piece of infrastructure will support the needs of the growing middle class and produce and allow the country to support an optimal level of power consumption for all people. 

Construction of the Power station has been marred with controversy and delays, due to being with within 14km from the UNESCO heritage Sundarbans which is a protected mangrove area that supports a rich diversity habit for wildlife, physical coastal evolution, swamps, tidal flats, creeks and sand dunes. None the less completion of the project will be aligned with Bangladesh’s vision to transform its middle-class economy.

The Rampal power station when completed will produce 7% of the country’s entire electricity needs.

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The real estate market is in a perpetual state of flux because of the emergence of new technology, which in turn changes the way individuals buy, sell, and rent homes. The widespread availability of data and digital tools is making the sector more approachable, transparent, and productive than it has ever been.

In our last article, Cutting-Edge Technologies in the BD Property Sector – Part 1 we discussed some of the current innovative and leading edge technologies being used in the property sector known as ‘proptech’. We discussed technologies such as virtual reality, blockchain, 3D printing and artificial intelligence (AI). In this article brought to you by BestBari, we continue the story and introduce more innovative and cutting-edge technologies for property such as 3D rendering, drone technology and e-auctioning.

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In addition, there is a lack of transparency in the Dhaka property market as a direct result of the shortage of real estate agencies in the city. When there is no agent present to act as a mediator, it is common practice for buyers and sellers to negotiate their transactions directly with one another. This is where online property marketplaces like BestBari comes in to provide property buyers access to better transparency and choice when comes to flats for sale in Dhaka.

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3D rendering and virtual tours of BD property listings

 Buyers’ search practises in the real estate sector have been completely transformed by the introduction of virtual tours. The days are long gone when prospective purchasers were required to physically visit each property of interest, spend hours driving, and deal with traffic congestion. Virtual tours allow prospective buyers to investigate a wide variety of homes without having to leave the convenience of their own homes to do so. They have experienced time and financial savings because of this technology, which has enabled them to make decisions that are based on more accurate information.

Buyers can have a better understanding of the layout, design, and characteristics of the property by taking advantage of the immersive and interactive experience that virtual tours provide. They are able to virtually walk through the house, examine the particulars of each room, and think about how they might fit into the area. This technology is especially helpful in large cities like as Dhaka, where people’s time is a precious commodity and traffic bottlenecks are an everyday occurrence.

BestBari, a renowned real estate website in Dhaka, has taken an active interest in virtual tours and has made them available for many of the properties that are advertised on their platform. Because of this feature, property searches are now more efficient and effective, enabling buyers to more rapidly explore a wide number of homes and make decisions based on accurate information. The option of using a virtual tour has helped real estate owners more effectively showcase their properties and attract prospective purchasers more quickly.

Virtual tours have brought about a change in the real estate sector by making it more approachable, productive, and easy for all parties involved in the transaction. Technology has helped buyers save time and money, made it easier to organise property searches, and enabled sellers to provide a more compelling presentation of their listings. The use of virtual tours has unquestionably grown to the point where they are an essential component of the property buying and selling process, and this trend is only expected to continue.

BestBari has embraced the technological advancements such and 3D rendering, and virtual tours has to offer property enthusiasts. For example, BestBari is already investing research and development into 3D rendering with architects and some of our exclusive premium listings now have virtual tours, which can help property buyers can a good sense and feel of flats for sale in Dhaka before physically inspecting the property of committing to a transaction.

Drone technology for the BD property sector

One of the most important shifts that has taken place in the real estate industry is the adoption of drone technology for the purpose of capturing aerial footage of properties for 3D rendering and virtual tours. The use of drone technology in the real estate sector has resulted in a substantial change in the way that properties are marketed to potential buyers and sold after they are on the market.

By utilising high-quality aerial footage for 3D rendering, virtual tours, and other marketing purposes, real estate agents can now present customers with a more in-depth perspective of the homes they are marketing to them. This technology not only enables customers to have an easier time visualising a home, but it also enables sellers to showcase the distinctive qualities of their properties, thereby attracting a greater number of potential customers.

Also, the use of drones has made it feasible to record video in areas that were previously difficult or impossible to access. These areas include rooftops, backyards, and other sites that are tough to get to. As a result, real estate professionals are now able to present properties in a manner that is both more thorough and more attractive. The use of drones has also lessened the requirement for physically inspecting a property, which has benefited both buyers and sellers by saving them time and effort.

One company in Dhaka, BestBari, is one example of a business that has made use of this technology to enhance the real estate experience there. This website has integrated drone technology into its offerings, giving prospective buyers the ability to see city properties from a vantage point that is both distinct and raised above ground level.

For example, some of our virtual property tours also contain high-quality drone footage, which can help property buyers can a good sense of what flats for sale in Dhaka look like from aerial views. Property buyers can also use this feature to explore properties in various parts of Dhaka and obtain a better grasp of the surrounding neighbourhoods, topography, and infrastructure by learning more about the properties they’re interested in purchasing.

E-auctioning flat sales in Dhaka

E-auctioning has become a popular method of swiftly and effectively selling real estate, and virtual tours provide a realistic opportunity to examine a property even when the viewer is not there at the location in question. This article will examine the developing technologies that are revolutionising the real estate sector as well as the potential effects these technologies may have on the business in the future.

E-auctioning has revolutionised the real estate business by speeding up and broadening participation in the traditional auctioning process. In contrast to traditional auctions, purchasers can take part in an e-auction from the convenience of their own homes, regardless of where they are physically located. This has opened new options for people who are selling real estate, as they are now able to communicate with people all over the world, which increases the likelihood that they will be able to sell their properties at a better price.

E-auctioning has become increasingly common in Bangladesh as the country’s real estate industry continues to develop. E-auctioning has made it much simpler for prospective purchasers to take part in auctions even though they do not need to physically be present at the event. Auctions have long been a well-liked method for selling real estate. This technology has been incorporated into the website of BestBari, which is one of the most prominent real estate portals in Bangladesh. As a result, the bidding process for homes located in Dhaka, the country’s capital, is now simpler and more convenient for purchasers.

In addition, the auctioning process has become more open and secure because of the rise of online auctions. The process of bidding may be easily followed by purchasers, and the system assures that all bids are precisely recorded, so eliminating the possibility of fraudulent conduct. E-auctioning is favoured by purchasers and vendors both because it cuts down on the amount of time and money required to participate in conventional auctions.

E-auctioning has, in general, had a transformative effect on the real estate market by simplifying and speeding up the process of purchasing and selling properties. It is very possible that, as technology continues to improve, it will become an essential component of the global real estate business.

At BestBari, we believe that e-auctioning will have a significant impact on how flat sales in Dhaka are bought and sold and investing research and development into an e-auctioning online portal that will soon be open to property buyers and sellers.

Summary of Innovative Technologies in the BD Property Sector

Thanks to new technologies that have revolutionised the way people buy and sell properties, the real estate industry has seen significant advancements in recent years. Drones, e-auctions, and virtual tours have all played important roles in this transformation, allowing buyers to make more informed decisions and sellers to reach a larger audience than ever before.

Drones have been especially useful in providing aerial footage of properties, allowing potential buyers to get a better view of the property and the surrounding area. E-auctioning has also been a significant advancement, allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate deals online while saving time and resources. Furthermore, virtual tours have grown in popularity, providing buyers who cannot physically visit a property with an immersive experience.

BestBari, an online real estate company, has been at the forefront of this digital transformation, leveraging new technologies to provide a seamless experience for their users. The real estate industry is poised for even greater transformation in the coming years as technology advances, and it will be interesting to see how these new developments shape the future of buying and selling properties.

We hope you have found this article about leading edge technologies insightful, If you enjoyed this guide please visit our News and Articles page, including our Dhaka Suburb Guides. For example, you may be interested to read our previous article about proptech in Bangladesh, Cutting-Edge Technologies in the BD Property Sector – Part 1

We hope you enjoyed reading this article published by BestBari, a leading-edge BD Property online marketplace in Bangladesh.

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