Working in the entertainment industry with constant set-backs can often get weary and play havoc on self-esteem. We sat down with working actor Naomi Rose Pfyl to learn her method behind staying positive and how the smallest of roles can make a big impact on a career.

As a busy actor, can you run through your typical day?

It varies if I have a shoot or not. If am shooting, standing up, packing (very important to bring some essentials like phone charger or a book) and head off to set. If not, then I mostly do my auditions in the mornings, then I work on my computer doing tasks and then depending what goes on. But somehow there is always something to do. Either read a book, acting class, do research on the industry or just simply run private errands.

What do you do to prepare for a role?

The text, I need to know the script without any doubt and then I try just out stuff. Sometimes I take a script with me to the gym and say the lines while running or punching the boxing bag. I do my research on the project, be it google the director, the network and so on.

What does a positive mental attitude mean to you?

I just think you attract positive things when you are positive. I believe in the art of attraction. Los Angeles is big on positive energy.

How important is confidence to you?

Confidence means for me you have arrived in life. To be very honest I am not there yet. I am not an extremely confident person and I work on myself everyday to be a little bit more. I admire people who are confident.

How do you stay motivated in your line of work – audition after audition?

Because there will always open a door, every time I feel a little down or not sure if I am doing it right, I get an audition that excites me and gets me my energy back. I get excited about the small things. Sometimes you also need to shift your focus and that does nature to me. Taking in nature and to be thankful for what I have, put acting in a different perspective. It’s a privilege to do and not a must.

How important is it as an actor to stay working even if it’s not a huge role?

I mean especially nowadays everything will be always out there, forever. Just give your best, you owe that to whole team no matter what the role, budget or style (feature, short, network) is.

What’s one piece of advice someone has ever given you that you live by?

My father always used to say, there is no thing as too little time. Then your planning is not good enough. He basically taught me that there is not such a thing as excuses.

Thank you Naomi!

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