In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, Nicolas and Emiliano Maya-Tapia are making their own dreams come true, all with a little app called TikTok. The twins were born in Queens, New York, on October 22, 2001. In a family filled with dancers and dance history, they were quickly pulled into the world of dance. Luckily for them, this became their gateway to the influencing world that they stake their claim in today.

At the age of just 14 years old, the twins were already building their influencing presence on social media, and even making a career out of it. They are straightforward with their work, stating that “as influencers, we influence, and as creators, we create.” They are very familiar with the drive needed to be a stable influencer, where you have to have a passion to entertain others, and according to them, that has always been central to their values. They love to entertain people and they are thrilled that the power of social media enables them to entertain people worldwide.

When it comes to their TikTok career, they are what you might consider the “OGs,” which have been on the app since it was known as Interestingly enough, Nicolas was actually taking the reins of this account, before Emiliano joined on and their iconic online duo-presence was established. Like true performers, they truly put out their content for fun and the followers and influence they gained were a cherry on top that grew as their content increased. They also pay credit to the fact that they are literally twins, something that not everyone can say about their siblings. Since making a joint account on TikTok, their career has truly grown to the size it is today.

As they express their deep gratitude for the opportunities offered to them via TikTok, they also look to the future, expressing ambition for their dreams and goals in the near future. The twins are especially interested in dance shows, like Dancing with the Stars, and musicals like their favorite DCOM movies, Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, and Camp Rock. They even expressed interest in the likes of being background dancers on Broadway one day. They also have their eye on television as it remains a huge platform and often the next steppingstone beyond a creators career on TikTok.

The twins also credit their creativity and sense of humor as a huge part of their growing following. They are not only dancers but content creators that are able to piece together skits that have also trended on TikTok. They have even branched into combining the two mediums for humor-based dance videos that create a really unique presence on TikTok as a whole. By combining their creativity with the likes of their natural abilities in dance, the twins set themselves up for not only success but a lasting following that can adapt to the changing trends of the social media world. TikTok is all about staying relevant and by knowing their audience, the twins present as skilled performers that deserve every bit of success that is coming their way.

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