Who is Stas Kravchuk?

Born in Russia on Feb 07 1987, Stanislav Kravchuk aka Stas Kravchuk is a Canadian entrepreneur making headlines lately for his perseverance that helped him build the biggest Car Wrap Boutique in Canada in only 5 years. His company Wraptors has been operating from 9 different locations in Canada and he is here to show the hard work that has went behind the scenes. We talked to Stas Kravchuk to know more about his journey and what he revealed to us is an inspiring story that everyone should know about.

Story of Stas Kravchuk and Wraptors

Life of an immigrant is never easy. There are many barriers to overcome and life seems like a challenge at every corner but the one who faces the challenge is uplifted by the nature because nature likes courage. There is something about Stas that the moment he starts talking, you will feel his presence and his attitude of never giving up. He grew up in a low-income household and was raised by his single mother. Always wanting to do something different, Stas Kravchuk chose entrepreneurship as his career and he is a serial entrepreneur. As of now, he has worked and built 20 successful businesses and Wraptors Inc is one of them. Stas Kravchuk started his Car Wrapping Business 5 years ago and using his experience of building multiple successful ventures, he has turned Wraptors Inc into a leading company in custom car wrapping business. People call him a visionary and he has been leading his team from the front where he is accompanied by two lady bosses Carla Spremulli who works as his right hand and helps him with daily operations and his wife Christel who also happens to be a co-owner and content director of Wraptors.

Achieving Success through Sheer Perseverance

It has been 5 years since the launch of Wraptors Inc and it has been so successful that it has been operating from 9 different locations in Canada i.e. 2 Wraptors stores have opened each year on an average. Wraptors is quite popular among the celebrity artists, businessmen and car lovers for their services ranging from paint protection, vinyl wraps, ceramic coating to giving your car a luxurious makeover and as of now they are operating in 9 different locations including Mississauga, Ottawa and Toronto and are planning to expand even further.

Wraptors: A popular name among the car lovers.

Apart from their Car Wrapping Boutique Business, Wraptors Inc make their presence felt at different Car Shows and Meets and Various events organized for car enthusiasts. Wraptors is a big name among the car lovers and Stas Kravchuk himself has become a celebrity proving yet again the importance of personal brand and why you should not only work on your business but also on yourself.

You should definitely follow him and his business on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/mr.wraptors/?hl=en and https://www.instagram.com/wraptors.toronto/?hl=en respectively.

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