Apple Music just passed a symbolic achievement. Apple has uncovered that its streaming music service presently has 100 million songs. That is a significant extension from the 30 million upon launch in June 2015, and proposes that you’ll likely find the new tunes you want. The organization additionally says it’s adding regarding 20,000 new tracks to the service every day.

The 100 million mark could give Apple Music an edge over rivals. As of this writing, main competitor Spotify claims it has “over 80 million tracks.” While that is as yet an very healthy selection, it infers you’ll make some more straightforward memories finding an indie darling or back catalog title on Apple’s platform than you could somewhere else.

The question, obviously, is whether that benefit is sufficient to incite a change from another service. It’s not clear the number of songs are exclusives, like original DJ mixes and live sessions. We’ve asked Apple for additional information. Those one of a kind offerings could demonstrate captivating on the off chance that you can’t get a favorite artist, however will not be guaranteed to influence you assuming you’re glad to pay attention to album cuts. In the case of nothing else, the 100 million-song figure gives Apple bragging rights — it can promote a bigger library that could pull in first-time streamers stressed over tracking down a favorite record.

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