Lena had developed her hobby into work in her early age. She left Ukraine and came to US in 96. She developed her hobby into full time work.

Lena got into real-world business at an early age. She developed her hobby into a profession. When she felt that her career will boom up she discovered some serious health problems in 1999-2000. She had a chronic illness which lead her down and she had a negative thought of quitting her passion because of it. By with the passing time she grew strong and cut down the thought of quitting. She engraved from this situation and became a real life fighter. She has set an example for the youth to never let this kind of negative thoughts rule over you.

Instagram gave Lena a different fan base which were into real fashion business. She developed her styling skills which was renowned by everyone in fashion industry. She looked into every details related to fashion styling. She also promoted photographer, designer, makeup artist, content writer who helped her post make perfect. She shared her lover for fashion travel as she is fond of traveling. She is interested in exploring new places and cultures of the globe. She also make sure that she carry’s the fashion with cultural taste in it. She believes colors have different role in our lives. Colors play a vital role in changing the mood of a person. She gives some tips which should be kept in mind while purchasing a fashion bag. These bags can look you elegant. She also highlights the role of natural cosmetic products. She believes real supplements can keep you healthy and work as anti-ageing.

Lena dreams to grown everyday so that she can create real fashion with the going time. She also carry a dream of writing a book wither real life experience. She wants the youth to get influence by her story and work. She has lit the fashion set with her achievement.

To know more and have deep look of Lena’s journey and style follow into@panthere_instyle on Instagram and www.lenasworld.com

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