49ers should keep away from three-way attaches with Saints, Eagles, Vikings… however four-way tie could be a key to playoff berth.

The 49ers can now just make the end of the season games with a Week 18 win or tie versus the Rams OR a misfortune or tie by the Saints against the Falcons.

In the event that the 49ers beat the Rams in Los Angeles one week from now, they’ll make the end of the season games. That at the very least is quite obvious later they beat the Texans 23-7 on Sunday evening.

In any case, in the event that they lose? All things considered, things get pretty convoluted from that point.

A success by the Saints over the Falcons would put them in front of the 49ers in the season finisher hierarchy, however the Niners could in any case track down their direction into the competition another way even in that situation

The stunt for the 49ers is staying away from a three-way tie. In the event that they finish attached with the Eagles or Vikings in a two manner tie, they will complete ahead by righteousness of overtaking those groups in no holds barred games recently.

The main three-way tie the 49ers can win is against the Eagles and Vikings, and the main way that can come about is if: 49ers lose to Rams, Vikings beat Packers and Bears, and Eagles lose to Cowboys.

Such a situation, matched with a Saints win, would make a four-way tie. New Orleans would be the No. 6 seed out of a four-way tie by gathering record. Then, at that point, a second tiebreaking strategy would initiate between the Vikings, Eagles and 49ers. Since the 49ers beat both of different groups in the sudden death round, they would take the last season finisher spot.

In the event that the 49ers and Saints both lose, the 49ers are guaranteed a spot on the grounds that the main groups that could tie them are Minnesota and Philadelphia — the two groups they’ve beaten no holds barred.

Thus, to recap, the 49ers’ secure situations are:

-Beat the Rams

-Lose to the Rams; Saints lose to the Falcons

-Lose to Rams; Eagles lose to Cowboys; Vikings win out versus Packers and Bears; Saints beat Falcons

Anybody wishing to try out situations for themselves can make a beeline for ESPN’s Playoff Machine.

Here is the current NFC season finisher picture while the Vikings play the Packers:

Packers (12-3)
Rams (12-4)
Marauders (12-4)
Cowpokes (11-5)
Cardinals (11-5)
49ers (9-7)
Falcons (9-7)
Holy people (8-8)
Vikings (7-8)

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