Physical fitness is important for overall health. When you are physically fit, you are more likely to be active, productive and healthy. Being physically fit helps you get vital nutrients from the food you eat. You are less likely to get sick or be injured. You’ll also look and feel better. Being physically fit can help you build strong muscles and bones, lose weight, and control your weight. Unfortunately, people have been relating physical fitness to flaunting abs on social media and chasing diets one after another. Harshvardhan Seth Singh who is a certified trainer and nutritionist and has trained many people achieve their fitness goal including B Town celebrities completely disagrees to this notion of fitness.

Harsh Vardhan is a REPs certified trainer from Jaipur behind Unwaveringly Fit, a physical training community that is aimed towards raising awareness towards fitness among common people and training them with right guidance. He has trained a lot of people in the past years. Harsh Vardhan possesses a great knowledge related to physiology of weight gain and weight loss, nutrition, general anatomy and basic human movement. Harsh Vardhan motivates his clients to not fall for the marketing gimmicks of the nutritional products and work out plans and actively fall in love with the process of getting fit and healthy.

“Unwavering Fitness stresses on the need for functionality training and healthy eating amid rising cases of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It’s way more rewarding to build real strength and vitality than building a jacked body that gives the impression of strength”, says Harsh Vardhan Singh.

Harsh Vardhan Singh said that he believes in the 5 elements that he teaches to all of his clients to focus upon to have a healthy and fit body. These 5 elements are:

-Relative Strength Training

– Endurance Training

– Cardiovascular Exercise

– Flexibility Drills

– Ideal body composition (achieved by correct nutrition)

Harsh Vardhan also busted one common myth among the Indian households that is related to lifting weights among the children and old age people. Many people believe that lifting weights at young age will stunt the growth in children which is a wrong notion. On the contrary, lifting weights combined with good exercise help body to grow naturally and it is a healthy practice that should be promoted among the common people.

“I have also been investing good deal of time into Yog and learning it deeply to really understand its nuances, it is really interesting to think how it is one of the most ancient well being practice which is much more than just physical fitness. I am doing 6 months of diploma program in Yog and its impact over our mental and spiritual health in addition to our physical health.” Harsh Vardhan said.

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