What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Note that the difference between mixing and mastering and mastering is very wide, which if you want to pursue it professionally, you must be highly aware. To become a professional in the mastering process as well as sound mixing, you need to invest time and money to achieve the best results.

In answer to the question, what is the difference between mixing and mastering? It can be said that if we want to explain to you in the form of a short example, we say that if you consider the process of building a building, the foundation, repairs and major changes of the building such as plumbing and can be mixed with the facade of the building, yard construction And he likened the green space to mastering. Each of them (mixing and mastering) must together create a standard structure for the listener.

What is a mix?

What is the answer to the question of mix? He said that in fact, a mix is a combination of sounds whose record or notes have been written. The most important things they do in a standard mix are as follows

Sound separation




Adjust the volume instruments

A standard mix, in addition to technical skills, must also be creative, which will make the mix attractive. In the next step, make sure that you check all the steps one by one and go to the next step, and you will feel good when you hear this mix.

What is mastering?

The mastering steps are described in simple language below.

Modify the mix

Create transparency

Sound shine

Stereo image

The final volume

In very simple language, to understand the difference between mix and master, after the mastering process in music, the RMS should not be so low that there is interference between the made music signals or the final volume should be too high to make the listener feel the speaker explode. May the balance in the sounds make your music more enjoyable.

Remember that no one has been a professional from the beginning, and by practicing and increasing your level of awareness, you can reach a level of professionalism. By continuing, and of course, a different result can be achieved. So do not be disappointed in any way.

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