As many businesses face new difficult risks due to Covid-19, there has been a sharp increase in the number of online businesses. Having an online business is one of the greatest ways to make a living. However, it is worth noting that you may not achieve overnight success, but through a strategic approach to the planning process, developing a marketing strategy, and understanding the technological needs, you will definitely build an ‘empire.’ 

Nicola Napolitano is an experienced online e-commerce expert. His success in the online field has been fueled by his passion, positive thinking, and commitments to achieving his dreams. But, who exactly is Nicola Napolitano?

Early Days

Nicola Napolitano was born in 1995 in Vulture, a city in Basilicata. Since childhood, Nicola has been passionate about music. His musical journey with his band got him to play in the beautiful city of Sanremo. 

Subsequently, Nicola got into fashion and officially began his successful journey, positioning himself on Instagram as a photo model and influencer. 

What Makes Nicola Successful?

Nicola has been a successful businessman due to several factors;

  • Having Goals

Did you know that setting goals can help trigger new behaviors, sustain your momentum, and guide your focus? Yes, goals can help you align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. Nicola had dreams and goals. He actually created a clothing brand. Later, he also created a set of accessories, such as futuristic glasses, from scratch. And guess what? All these brands sell like crazy. 

  • Trying New Opportunities

From clothing to accessories to opening various e-commerce stores, Nicola has tried and succeeded in all of those opportunities. Despite failing many times and being demoralized, Nicola is always on the move. He is always trying and grabbing opportunities, that’s the secret to his success. His open-mindedness always allows him to expose himself to new ideas and ways of thinking. Did you know that the most successful people never pretend to know everything? They always put aside what they think they know and pursue knowledge without prejudice. 

Going Online – Why Nicola Is The Real ‘King’

For a very long time, Nicola operated offline. However, the time came for him to explore the online streets fully. When he decided to open various e-commerce businesses, Nicola tried, tested, and studied from the world’s best to achieve his dreams. In March of 2020, Nicola reached 200k in turnover with just one e-commerce store that sells amazing presets for photos. What’s fascinating is that his talent in consulting and mentoring has helped him create phenomenal strategies for e-commerce stores. Today, Nicola is an expert and champion in the industry. He has also helped many students achieve 7-figure profits. The patience and persistence that Nicola has shown in his success journey is motivation to all that aspire to achieve success in the online space. All you need to do is embrace your failure, start small, and invest your money and time in your business with passion. For more information about Nicola, you can visit his website and learn more.

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