A mix of dreamy landscapes, quotes, breathtaking shots and self-made ice cream stories. What else to ask for?

These days there are countless beautiful models with welcoming Instagram accounts but when we saw Billy’s it caught our eye as for a fashion model she does things a bit different so to speak.

The IMG model shares a mix of her fashion work alongside personal photography of nature and landscapes she takes in her free time. She also has recently started posting a few original quotes and writings. Not to mention her mouth watering sugar free ice cream, but you better go check those out yourselves!

As seen on her Instagram she has been spotted in editorials and fashion campaigns whether it be a spread in Vogue or a beauty campaign in Sephora. It’s definitely inspiring to see a model do social media differently these days and we will continue to see what content she posts in the coming future!

To check her out head to @dontbebilly

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