IAMTUNE is a hip hop artist from New York and North Carolina. Hip hop is a type of popular music from the United States that combines rap and electronic beats.

 HE talks about his style of music in these words; “When I’m recording, I move to a different location. I turn off the radio and the television and close the door behind me. It is therapeutic for me to be in a recording session, and I go deeper. I have complete freedom to express whatever I want and tell my narrative without interruption, and people can sense that. I need to figure out who I am.”

“I’m from “down south” North Carolina, and I’ve always enjoyed music and aspired to be on TV when I was kid. I want to celebrate my success because it’s only feasible because of the support of a large team.”

Accidental Survival

For an exclusive “Off The Porch” conversation, we recently got down with North Carolina-based musician IAMTUNE! During our interview, he talked about growing up in Syracuse, a severe car accident that left him on a ventilator. His recovery process, the interpretation behind his rap name, the fairness of the rap game, his label, grinding as an aspiring musician, his new single “Self Destruction,” owning his shoe brand called YANA, journeying into fashion, and his latest single “Self Destruction.”

His Social Media Handles

No way! IAMTUNE does not have a known number of subscribers. This implies that nobody, not even the fans, knows how many people have subscribed to this account because the figure is kept private.

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IAMTUNE doesn’t appear to have any other social media accounts except the Twitter account @Iamtune_approve. If you know of any, please add them to this list. Is it possible to send IAMTUNE a message or have a conversation with him? Yes, you can contact Tunes through his Instagram account; it’s pretty simple! Right now, give it a shot!

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Tunes, also known as @Iamtune_approved, now has 14k+ followers on his Instagram account. We regret to inform you that this is below average, but fear not! It could indicate that the account is new or that the old content has been removed.

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