It’s always exciting to talk to someone new, someone who, in one way or another, is doing something really good with their life. That’s how we came across Justin Allen.

Allen is a business owner and entrepreneur, whose security service is now a multi-million-dollar affair. He is the owner of a barbershop, exclusive bar/lounge, sports agency, and fitness apparel brand. He’s doing a lot, okay? And that excites us, because that means he’s obviously got a lot of interesting ideas flying around his head. One of which to do with mistakes and learning how to take them in stride.

Granted, we’re always being told that we need to learn from our mistakes. But to be perfectly honest, very few of us know how to do that successfully. And it’s usually an ego response. In order to learn from our mistakes, we’d first need to accept that we made one, and not many people want to do that.

In fact, we’ve interviewed many entrepreneurs who beat around the bush when prodded about their professional mistakes and faux pas. Not Justin Allen, though. When we asked him about some of the greatest mistakes he’s made in his career, he was all too keen to talk about them, pointing out that:

I call mistakes learning experiences for example: 100k mistake, can save you Millions down the line.”

And considering his own life, it seems Allen is quite skilled at learning from mistakes. It’s obvious again and again from his answers. For example, one of the things we wanted to know why he chose to go into the security business in the first place.

When I came out of college it was in 08’ and the only jobs were open were the military or private security. I saw how my mom struggled raising 2 sons while my dad was in the Navy, and I did not want that life for my future wife or future kids.”

Of course, afterwards, he focused on opening his own company, and the rest is history. Still, Allen used this keen sense of distinction to figure out the life he wanted for himself and his family and grew from it.

Now, that’s what he’s striving to inspire his clients to do, also, especially through his sports and fitness enterprises. DA Method Apparel and DA Method Agency are one-of-a-kind businesses. They are exciting and smart, enthusing their customers to strive to do better and learn from their mistakes or shortcomings.

In fact, according to Allen, that’s what DA Method is all about, really:

Understanding my life journey and wanting to share it with the world to encourage the next man to GET BACK UP and keep fighting. (Car Accident(S), surgeries – brain, foot, hip, coma).”

It’s about learning from all the curveballs life throws your way, and in the end, we’d say that’s what entrepreneurship is, also. Figuring out a way to grow from your past experiences.

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