With the emergence and development of new technologies in recent years, Fintech has perhaps garnered the most attention. Its upsurge has seen many people gain tremendous success and equally impressive returns that simply dwarf numbers witnessed in the forex and stock market in the last decade. Yet, despite its rapid growth, the market is still in its infancy, and Dr Daud, a qualified consultant, is driven to help others prosper from this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Parwiz Daud, a medical doctor, went on to get his masters in Diabetes and Endocrinology from the University of Leicester, where he worked as a lecturer for a brief period before he broadened his horizon and moved away from medicine altogether. He transitioned from treating symptoms to addressing the root cause, something he believed the medical industry had lost sight of. He believes chronic conditions are too often caused by poor lifestyle decisions made due to a lack of education and financial literacy.

Everyone has heard of the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, but very few act upon this piece of wisdom. Dr Daud embarked on an arduous journey to find the right platform to help him realise this ambition.

The fintech and networking industry allowed him to realise that he could make a more significant difference in people’s lives by empowering them financially. It would also serve as a platform where he could educate hundreds and thousands of individuals. He entered the market as a complete novice and took it by storm. Dr Daud ascended through the ranks and built a global organisation within a few years, emerging as one of the highest respected and credible network marketers in the world. A local doctor turned to a citizen of the world, he started travelling the globe delivering talks on leadership and growing organisations with momentum.

Today he is an accomplished businessman who thrives on consulting companies in the fintech space and educating people on how to improve their financial literacy. His software development company specialises in building entire blockchains, digital platforms, applications and much more, while his online e-learning educational platform will hope to provide education for the world, not just for the privileged few in the West.

Although Dr Daud has worked across many fields and industries, his guiding constant has continuously been his work as a philanthropist. Over the course of twenty years, he has given his time as a volunteer, as an organiser, and as a founder, helping provide primary medical aid, food, shelter and even water through the digging of wells. 

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