Probably the greatest name has loaned some assistance to R&B star Teyana Taylor.

Elton John was included in the 29-year-old singer’s self-coordinated music video, which dropped on Tuesday.

John, 73, plays piano in the video and is joined by Taylor, a guitarist and a couple of artists.

“Lose Each Other’ is such a special record for me, and I wanted the visual to feel just as big,” said Taylor in an announcement acquired by Rolling Stone. “I told my team, ‘You know what would be dope? If I could have Elton John open the video on the piano!’ Not that I thought it could really happen, but just putting it out there in the universe.”

She proceeded: “So as we were working through treatment ideas and solidifying logistics for the video, an international phone number calls me … and for a second I almost didn’t answer, but my intuition spoke, I answered. All I hear is … ‘Hello darling, it’s Elton. I’d love to do your video!’ I freaked out!”

John said he turned into a “huge fan” of Taylor’s after the arrival of her debut album, “VII.”

“She was a guest on my ‘Rocket Hour’ and I fell in love with her original spirit,” said the music legend. “Aside from her brilliant music, Teyana is one of the most visually dazzling artists working in music today. So I jumped at the chance to be in her latest video ‘Lose Each Other.'”

The video highlights straightforward visuals, with Taylor or her artists set against a dark or white foundation, and moderately basic ensembles. John wears a dim suit while playing a dark excellent piano against the white background.

“As a director, I wanted the imagery to be simple, yet powerful, which is why I choose an all-white background and bold looks,” Taylor said. “I wanted my audience to understand how love’s hardships can also be beautiful.”

“Lose Each Other” is featured on Taylor’s record “The Album,” which additionally boasts appearances from Missy Elliott, Rick Ross and more.

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