However Thursday’s down was recorded as between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, it was apparently a fight between Steph Curry and Paul George for a great deal of the evening.

On account of the way that George was playing with an amplifier in his shirt, fans watching the game on TV had the option to hear some chat between the two players as they each went off. The Clippers forward at one point even tongue in cheek proposed that the two players “make it interesting” by permitting each other to go to and fro on making gigantic shots.

Then, at that point, George chose to talk himself up a piece to Curry saying he’s “from the logo with it,” or that his reach stretches out to the logo at half court. This was an equitably innocuous assertion, yet George probably said this due to Curry’s standing for taking — and making — three-pointers from that reach, so it was a test, of sorts.

Lamentably for George and the Clippers, Curry later followed through on that test in a late game circumstance, scoring a three from half court late in the final quarter to give the Warriors a late lead. Far more terrible was that it was in the Clippers star’s face.

In case there’s any relief for George, it’s the way that Curry’s shot wasn’t the blade that set aside the game for Golden State, an honor which went to Draymond Green. So essentially there’s that.

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