Success is never a bed of roses. It’s not something very easy; hard work and hardships and pain all come along in this journey only that person can be successful who is devoted towards his destination. We always think whenever we saw a successful person in our lives that how lucky that person is, but we never knew the hardships that a person faced in his journey; same is the story of a business man Rachid EIKhabbachi aka Jamal; a lot of people don’t know his life journey. Rachid’s life is a true motivationfor a lot of people; his struggles and hardships can add fire to the fireplace, and sometimes all someone need is the emotional support to move on; such life stories help a lot in this regard.

Introduction of Jamal:

Jamal was not the normal kid in his childhood like others he always wanted to change the living of his family so that they can have a better life; he was born in the small town of Mauritania in Africa; there was a lot of poverty and hunger over there, and he saw his family craving for food at that time he thought to do something so that he can help his family he started his life career as a street fighter, later on, he stepped into real estate’s business.

Professional life:

He started his professional life as a businessman; he used to buy and sell different products like gold and diamond, and then he fruitfully managed the profit. He has a positive perspective on society and has a very strong Instagram following. People over there really appreciate his work and support him a lot through social media; many top celebrities are his friends like Neymar, Mario Balotelli, French Montana and Cristiano Ronaldo. His friends also invited him to different countries, and he also invites them to France and Germany.

Helping the deserving:

Jamal is also working with a lot of organizations for the welfare of the society so that they can have a better living standard because he can feel the pain of an empty stomach, so is putting his efforts into it; people really love his initiative towards the betterment Netflix is also working for a documentary based on his life and last but not the least the president also invites him to meet.

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