Country music star Travis Tritt isn’t turning around the Earth, yet his music is getting some genuine space turns … since NASA space explorers made their own great video to his hit song!!!

NASA officer Chris Cassidy is the astronaut in the center of this wonderful homage to Travis’ hit, “It’s a Great Day To Be Alive.”

Chris and different people installed the International Space Station are doing okay 250 miles above Earth … they got rice cooking in the microwave and some natively constructed soup … so Chris says they’re feeling quite acceptable and that is reality.

With respect to the musical decision, Chris says NASA’s Expedition 63 group “is very much aware of the hard times which exist in the neighborhoods of the world rotating below,” and he needs people to recall … “Cherish the people you love.”

Chris closes with certain words to live by, regardless of whether you’re solidly planted on firm ground … “Even amid the uncertainty and difficulties of battling through these challenging times, we encourage everyone to be the best ‘crewmates’ and take care of each other.”

Much thanks to you ,Chris … and Travis.

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