Misfits’ guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has set out on somewhat of a solo career as of late, and offered a strange interview to The Liquid Conversations that addressed the present condition of the industry.

Ultimate Guitar transcribed parts of the meeting and it’s wild. Amid the
interview , Doyle raises how he detests doing meet and greets however needs to do them since fans steal his music:

“The thing that sucks the most about it is that everybody steals music. You spend thousands and thousands of dollars to make a record and all of these scumbags are just stealing it.

“And then they want more, and then you’re a dick because you’re doing a meet ‘n’ greet for 50 fucking bucks to make up for it, which you don’t want to do. You think I want to meet all these fucking people? I don’t.

“When I’m done, I just want to take a shower and go to bed. I just worked, so…”

Interviewer: Looking at that perspective, you feel that individuals, the fans, put some undue pressure on you due to something to that effect, since you charge $50 for a meet ‘n’ greet?

“They can kiss my ass. You want to steal shit? If I was making motorcycles and they came and took one, would that be a crime? Why can’t we punish people for stealing songs? There should be a $10,000 fine for that.”

In the event that someone is paying $50 to meet Doyle, I would state the odds are truly incredible that they likewise really paid for Doyle’s music.

Doyle even had a proposal on the best way to combat online stealing:

“Yeah, they should really fucking fix that shit. Shut the internet down for a day and fix it.”

Doyle isn’t a fan of Spotify, taking note of in the event that he was ever welcomed to their captivating workplaces, he would break some stuff. I’m certain Spotify has made note of this:

“You make nothing, it’s $9 a month, and you can listen to a song 10,000 times if you want. If there’s enough time in that month to listen to it 10,000 times, I don’t know…

“I can’t do the math, but how much do you think the bands get? It’s like a hundredth, maybe a thousandth of a penny you get. My girlfriend [Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz] went to their office, said that shit was insane. I would’ve went fucking mental, I would’ve started breaking everything.”

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