The Skating community is always looked upon as some of the coolest, interesting and enigmatic people in the town. From the first pages of the history of skating in the early 1900s, today, the world of skating has its passionate followers not just in the United States but in every nooks and crook of the world. Be it for practicing this sport as a cardio workout to keep the muscles moving and fit, or to merely skate for the fun of it. Skating makes you feel alive, and honestly, no one is ever seen skating with a sad face!

With the rise in the skating community in the 90s, Skater Wear emerged as a cultural phenomenon of its own. Today, there are many brands focused on skater wear, however, one such brand which stands out is Bubblenumbb. Bubblenumbb is the Street Skate Apparel brand founded by Mark Kiessling/Jumex. Launched in 2020, Bubblenumbb gained popularity among the whole community in no time. The soft and comfortable fabrics of Bubblenumbb at such affordable rates have made it the favorite skater wear brand among the youths. The tangy designs and colors have breathed fresh air into the skating community. 

Bubblenumbb is having its winter drop sale from December 24 to the end of the year. Do not miss it!

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