Music is the most beautiful pathway to one’s soul. There is no better way of expressing the most personal thoughts that one possesses other than the different forms of music. The most gifted people in the music industry have earned millions and fame in their pursuit, as their music speaks not just for them, but the masses. They have managed to build a connection with the souls of their fans through their words, music, and tunes.

Though the music industry is blessed with hundreds of genres, the inclusiveness and soulfulness of Alternative Rock are off the charts. The Indie movement was birthed in the streets and the very idea was that anyone who is passionate enough to learn to play and record could be in the community. However, the main USP still lies in the soulful lyrics of alternative rock.

Keeping the culture alive, alternative rock is blessed with some of the most talented artists to ever exist. One such alternative rock artist on the rise is Brayden Brecht/Ghosttokyo. This 15-years old artist, hailing from Iowa, USA, has gained a name for himself for his heartfelt music in no time. Ghosttokyo is all set to drop his debut EP ‘CEMETRY DRIVE’ in the spring of 2022. His passionate lyrics and catchy tunes are turning a lot of heads in the music community and made him one of the most talented young alternative rock artists to watch out for.

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