HG profit hails from North Carolina, and he was born in the year, 1988. HG Profit has been energetic and has been a lover of music for the vast majority of his life. He has tried various things with music since he was small. Although, he was never serious with it until 2013 when he started to have his first lyrical leap forwards.

HG profit didn’t just start music on his own. He was actually motivated by various artists, some of which are Camron, Nipsey, Moneybagg Yo, and so on. It was seen that HG Profit channels good energies, realness, and original energy into all of his tracks. In addition, he was not only seen to only advance celebrating the good life, dealing with family, and getting the pack but was seen to also make a point to remind his fans where he started – and the battles he defeated to become independent. If you’re anticipating to hear the real talks, HG profit is the right man for you because he says nothing less than real talks.

HG Profit has been seen to act in various urban areas. Some of which are DC, New Jersey, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and WV. HG profit is a transparent artist when it comes to gifts like Ghostface Killah, Turquoise known video revolving MTV Jamz named “Feeling Famous”. 


HG profit is a social media fan as he can be seen active every now and then on all social media. This shows his realness and readiness for familiarity. You can follow HG Profit on every single social media and download his music on all significant streaming platforms. As referenced, HG profit is a social person with an active Instagram account having more than 4000 followers. He also has a Twitter account with over 9000 followers, and he is seen to tweet often. He also has a YouTube channel with 1.65k+ followers. His music is available for download on various platforms such as Spotify, music apple, etc.


HG profit has sung numerous songs both singles and features. Some of his songs are; 

All In My Mix, End of a Wave, Grinding Season, Show Off, Grind Time, Do it Like Me, Hocus Pocus, Jeffery, Faded, Surfin’ Thru States, Flexxin, Frosty, No Discussion, Lend Some Drip, Where the Cash at (Feat Tab), All Pressure, Clatchet, In Your Dreams, Nasty, Paid, Melvin, Big Cap, Cold, Zaza, Stack and Flip it, The Struggle, Eddie V’s, MayDay, Getting it done, Rollin’ Thru Streets, and was featured in Mr. Clean Remix.

Hocus pocus seems to be one of the most-streamed out of his numerous songs. It was released on December 31, 2020. It has up to 1000+ streams and with a duration of 2minutes 28 seconds which is similar to other tracks he releases. Hocus pocus is a piece of explicit music with a parental advisory label on it and is considered unsuitable for children.

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