The world of music has welcomed many new and talented music artists over the years who have raised the bar to perfection and deliver desired results on a consistent basis of time.

Nailah Blackman has cemented her place within the music industry with many colossal hits under her belt and had emerged as the leader in the Caribbean island. Her deep understanding about the rhythms, beats, and sounds has propelled her to create many captivating tracks which have gathered a huge fan following.

After releasing 2 hit singles earlier this year from her upcoming album, “Best friend” and “Teknique”, Nailah is ready to drop with her 18 tracks album. “Teknique”, her latest musical outing is a joint effort of talented producers and songwriters that tells stories of her life and relationships that she often considers contradictory.

With Teknique, Nailah Blackman proves that it is a skill to balance between passion and mainstream. It takes proficiency to get it done even when all odds are against you. She show’s us that it is a blessing to turn tears into mastery and to be able to free yourself of the limits of expectation. Art is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and genius starts where rationality is dissolved. Teknique is basically what her playlist on shuffle sounds like. We hope you enjoy.

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