With lockdown in the process, the need for fresh content and content creators has risen. The creators were seen trying their level best to please and entertain audiences through their live gigs. A disc jockey from Surat who is into the music scene from the past 12 years, also went out of his comfort zone and did something exceptional. Harshad B Shimpi aka DJ Hari Surat enthralled his music lovers from home. DJ Hari Surat who is surrounded by live wire audiences from tip to toe maintained social distance norms by playing virtually from his home. Indeed a great sight for everyone grooving to his remixes, mashups at their home. The Instagram live paid off really well. He added new ammunitions to his mixing and composing arsenal.

DJ Hari Surat started by doing basic gigs in Surat and then he moved to bigger places and cities which include Ahmedabad & Vadodara. DJ Hari Surat gained confidence and momentum by playing amidst a bigger crowd. Owing to this he surfaced to other metropolitan cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore to name a few. He has mastered the art of Gujarati remixes and DDM. The desi beats and fusion makes him popular in the pubs and discs.

DJ Hari Surat has evolved into a bigger name through his consistent hard work and the anxiety to do and learn new forms to entertain his mass. Till date his favourite works include Bewafa Mashup, Dil Ma lai Ne Dard Fare 2, Mane Chhodyo Kaya Karne, Ekdanta, Aashu Tu Mane Badnam Na Kar and many more. On the work front, DJ Hari Surat is aiming to deliver multiple new projects which shall be out in near future. The artist has the dream of setting up Gujarati music on the universal platform.

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