Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkans, and raised in America, Elvisa Dedic is a gorgeous, blistering, and elegant fashion model, letting the world know about the beauties of the fashion world. She came to America when she was 11 years old which later opened the doors for her to fulfill her dreams in the fashion industry. Before coming into the industry, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of North Florida. After graduation, she started modeling on Instagram; branding various big fashion companies. Besides modeling, she is an Instagram influencer, an ambassador, and a businesswoman proving that she is no less strong than any other people in the industry. Let’s discuss her various roles.

Elvisa as an Instagram Model and Influencer

Many people think that Instagram influencers or Instagram modeling is nothing but a simple task. In fact, many believe that influencing is a hoax and redundant thing. In reality, they do not know how much an influencer puts effort into creating an attractive profile to entertain the audience.

Without taking care of any negative comments, Elvisa carried out her role as a model on Instagram. She fashioned such a creative, colorful, and full of her style profile that she gained hundreds of followers just in the beginning which today has become more than 730k on Instagram and is increasing day by day. In her profile, she shares some amazing photos and videos, letting the world discover her own style and fashion sense. Many are impressed by her and have been seen following her trends.

With growing fame, multiple brands of clothing, makeup, skincare products, bikinis, and sports contacted her. More prominent brands include Pretty Little Things, Giti, Diva Boutique, and many such more.   

Elvisa Dedic as a Businesswoman

Besides being an incredible model, Elvisa is a dedicated businesswoman running her successful brand of Elvisa Cosmetics. It has become a well-known brand by selling some remarkable cosmetic products loved and adored by many. Elvisa shared that she loves cosmetics at such a great level that she wanted to open her own corporation.

“I wanted to start my own cosmetics line because I want to build my own unique brand and leave a legacy behind. My goal wasn’t to always wear brands, it was to become one.”

Elvisa Dedic as an Ambassador

Being a CEO and businesswoman was not enough for her as she had more potential. So, when she got the opportunity to represent a famous brand Fashion Nova as a famous model, she accepted it and hence her professional life started as an ambassador too.  

Future Plans

Elvisa has shared in an interview that she loves movies and web series so if she will get the chance, she will definitely take it. She also shared that one of her favorite series is Game of Thrones which she has seen three times.   

If you wanna know more about Elvisa you can always follow her on Instagram or her Website where she shares everything about her life.

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