Murmurs in the office have heard about an amazing Amazon Best Seller that we should cover in the next few weeks. We were told that an Australian author named ‘Mariam Elhouli‘ has written a heart-stopping fiction novel that must be read.

The book, titled “The Olive Tree,” appeared to be like any other book on the market, but the contents caught us off guard. We had no idea that a small fiction book written by an unknown author would have such a big impact on everyone who read it.

The novel takes you on a tumultuous journey through love, hate, poverty, and war. You have so many conflicting emotions that you have no idea what you should be feeling. Several tears were undoubtedly shed. This book beautifully depicts the essence of life and how similar we all are.

The way it is done makes it appear inconceivable that this narrative could be made up. Then, everyone was curious to learn more about the author and we came across a human treasure while diving. The 33-year-old Melbourne mother of five is an absolute superwoman, juggling more projects than we can count.

Apart from that, we are in awe of Mariam’s God-given literary talent and storytelling prowess. We anticipate that this woman will enjoy significant success in the writing industry in a short few years, especially in light of the news that “THE OLIVE TREE” is being adapted into a movie.

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