There were various victories throughout the span of Super Wild Card Weekend and Monday added one more to that assortment. The Los Angeles Rams had the option to progress to the divisional round in the wake of destroying the Arizona Cardinals for four quarters on the way to the 34-11 win.

It was a central breakdown for Kliff Kingsbury’s group right out of the door as they scarcely had the option to acquire positive yardage all through the principal half. At the point when they weren’t drop-kicking, Kyler Murray was tossing capture attempts that assisted the Rams with developing a three-score lead at the break. The final part demonstrated much worse as the Rams opened up the second from last quarter with a 75-yard score drive to go up 28-0 and really put a sledge down on this game.

Matthew Stafford completed his late evening finishing 13 of his 17 passes for 202 yards and two scores with a 154.5 passer rating. Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. were his two principle focuses as they consolidated for 115 yards getting on nine absolute gets alongside a score scored each. On the Cardinals side, Kyler Murray finished only 19 of his 34 tosses for 137 yards and two picks. Collectively, Arizona scrambled for 60 yards on 3.3 yards per convey.

For a more point by point breakdown of how this season finisher matchup unfurled, look at our action items beneath.

Why the Rams won

The greatest thing for the Rams was that they had the option to play botch free football and benefited from the Cardinals powerlessness to get anything moving all through the evening. Protectively, L.A. had the option to totally close down the Cardinals offense and permitted not many yards after the catch as Kyler Murray opened the game tossing the ball around the line of scrimmage. That prompted four straight three-and-outs followed up by two turnovers by the safeguard that successfully taken care of the game by the center of the subsequent quarter.

Matthew Stafford was sharp as he walked to his very first season finisher win. He drove consecutive score drives where he would finish an impeccably tossed corner pass to Odell Beckham Jr. and afterward scramble for a score on the subsequent excursion. While he was heavenly all through, the Cardinals battles made some simple lifting for him just as he went into the storage space at halftime with a three-score lead in the wake of tossing only nine passes. In the wake of completing out the normal season with eight interferences over his last four games, the greatest thing for Stafford was that he didn’t give the ball to give the Cardinals any free force. With everything taken into account, it was a close ideal night for the Rams QB.

Why the Cardinals lost

Basically, Arizona neglected to appear. The Cardinals had an awful beginning to his game where they had four-straight three-and-outs that had them in the negatives as far as absolute yards of offense.

After those four dropkicks, Kyler Murray had consecutive drives that brought about capture attempts. The primary pick was verifiably the most exceedingly terrible of the two as the Cardinals were somewhere down in their own end as Murray felt pressure and flung the football to the right half of the field as he attempted to stay away from the security. That ball lingered palpably and was ultimately taken out by Los Angeles and returned for a score that drawn out the Rams lead to 21. At the hour of that pick-six, the Rams protection presently has more yards of all out offense (3) and focuses than the Cardinals offense (- 1).

For the principal a large portion of, the Cardinals had only 40 yards of offense and three first downs.

While the Arizona offense couldn’t observe its balance, the safeguard couldn’t stop the draining much all things considered. Matthew Stafford had the option to toss and scramble for a score on consecutive drives that gave L.A. the 14-0 lead. That sort of exertion won’t get you a dominate during an arbitrary match in Week 6 let alone in the opening round of the end of the season games.

Turning point

While the game previously begun to go crazy, things fell totally out of control for Arizona halfway through the subsequent quarter. On a second-and-7 play from the Arizona 4-yard line, Kyle Murray tossed a 22-yard pass to A.J. Green. The veteran recipient at first seemed to make the catch with Rams safeguard Nick Scott then, at that point, conveying a success to constrain the bumble, which dropped beyond the field of play.

Notwithstanding, Sean McVay tested the play, contending that Green didn’t cut down the catch, which ended up being the ideal choice as the play was toppled in Los Angeles’ approval. That set the Cardinals back somewhere down in their own region and confronting a third-and – 7. On that extremely next play, Murray was constrained from his left and, rather than taking the security, delicately hurled the ball to the right half of the field. That ball was then taken out by Rams corner David Long Jr., who strolled in for the score.

That put the Rams up by 21 and gave them a pad to totally flee with the success.

Play of the game

The Rams went into their repertoire in the last part when Matthew Stafford threw the ball back to Odell Beckham Jr. at L.A. 45-yard line. The beneficiary then, at that point, positioned back and tossed a 40-yard pass to running back Cam Akers that put the Rams somewhere down in the red zone. Only two plays later, Stafford would track down Cooper Kupp for the score to broaden the L.A. lead to 28.

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