Since social media has really taken off, anyone can become a celebrity if they have a strong personality and know what they’re doing. This can even include teenagers, who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to make these choices. Joatheplug is an online influencer, entrepreneur, and musician who is using his youth to his advantage.

Joatheplug has gained a lot of attention online in the past few years. He has over 151k followers on Instagram, and his star just keeps rising. “I never expected to get this huge,” Joatheplug said. “I just wanted to make music and do Instagram giveaways. But the response I got was very exciting.” He also has a relationship with many other celebrities and influencers, including Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, Swae Lee, Lil Mosey, Polo G, Gunna, and many more. This fame has brought a spotlight on him, and he has a very different life than the average 17-year-old. He spends a lot of his time growing his business and making music while his peers waste time scrolling on the apps he dominates on. “I know that I have to keep a strong head on my shoulders and not let it make me cocky. I still love to spend my time with people my own age, and I still go to school.” He feels fortunate that he knows what he’s going to do after high school, which most people struggle with.

Joatheplug hosts infamous giveaways on Instagram that gain influencers tons of followers. His business model has been incredibly successful, and has led to the celebrity relationships he has today. He also sells high-class sneakers to celebrities and makes his own music. Overall, it’s more than enough to keep him busy.

Joatheplug feels fortunate to start his career at an early age, and the whole world is waiting for his next big project.

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