Anupama Parameswaran is making a comeback to the big screen, but she looks completely different! “She is prepared to astound us once more in “Paradha,” after stunning audiences in the popular movie “Tillu Square.”

“Parada,” which is helmed by Praveen Kandregula, who is well-known for his critically acclaimed film “Cinema Bandi,” promises an engrossing cinematic encounter. With a brilliant cast and crew, Ananda Media is making a big splash for their first production.

“Paradha” highlights the roles of strong female characters. In addition to senior actress Sangeetha, the versatile Darshana Rajendran (of “Hrudayam” and “Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai”) leads the group.

The word “Parada,” which means “curtain,” in the title itself suggests something more. Anupama is gorgeously shown in the first look poster with other women surrounding her while wearing a traditional outfit. In sharp contrast to her audacious role in “Tillu Square,” there’s a sense of mystery and intrigue.

“Where women are respected, their gods are worshipped” is a hymn that plays in the background of the concept video, hinting at the movie’s theme. Whatever the nobleness of the actions, they will fail where women are subjected to humiliation.” It is implied by this potent message that “Parada” will examine significant social issues.

Beautiful places including Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and numerous villages were used to film the film. The last leg of the filming will take place in Hyderabad in May, bringing the project closer to its conclusion.

Excitedly, director Praveen Kandregula said, “We aim to provide an impressive story that resonates deeply as well as entertain the audience.” Producing “Parada,” Vijay Donkada echoed this idea, calling the film “an experience, a journey that takes the audience to another world.”

“Parada” is looking like a must-see film thanks to its engrossing plot, excellent cast, and stunning images. A captivating experience is promised by the cinematography by Mridul Sujith Sen and the music composed by Gopi Sundar. Watch this space for more thrilling details regarding this much awaited movie!

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