The discussion encompassing Dallas’ setbacks in Sunday’s special case misfortune to the 49ers has filled Monday’s features, however one final quarter bungle almost cost San Francisco its triumph.

Driving 23-17 with 40 seconds left in the final quarter, the 49ers attempted to execute a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-1 from the Dallas 38-yard line that would have adequately finished the game. Be that as it may, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t permit hostile lineman Trent Williams sufficient opportunity to get set as he dropped down the line.

The punishment prompted a 49ers resulting dropkick, permitting the Cowboys to take over before their doomed and dubious last drive.

After the game, when requested a clarification, 49ers mentor Kyle Shanahan said Garoppolo might have been excessively excited with the opportunity to end the game.

“We just shifted to an unbalanced [formation],” Shanahan said per NBC Sports Bay Area. “It was on the silent count and it was quarterback sneak all the way, but Jimmy got really excited because of the look. Didn’t let Trent get set. He’s got to let him get set.”

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