August 15, 2023, is when “Pushpa: The Rule,” Allu Arjun’s eagerly awaited follow-up, is scheduled to open in theaters. Although the first song, “Pushpa Pushpa,” which was released on May 1, became well-known for its hook step, the reaction was not as enthusiastic as expected.

To build anticipation before the impending release, the creators intend to release a second song in the first part of June. Their goal is to write a catchy song that becomes a hit, like the well-known “Srivalli” from Pushpa: The Rise’s first part.

Famous composer Devi Sri Prasad puts a lot of effort into creating a catchy, viral song that will break records and bring much-needed attention to the follow-up. The second single’s release, according to the film’s creators, will help the film gain more traction.

Expectations for “Pushpa: The Rise” 2 were raised by Allu Arjun’s National Award-winning performance in the movie. As seen by the reactions to the recently released song, Hindi audiences are excitedly awaiting “Pushpa: The Rule” due to the first part’s success.

The big-budget film is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers, and director Sukumar is going above and beyond to make sure the much awaited result is flawless. The group is putting in endless effort to complete everything for a seamless release.

Reaching the ₹1,000 crore milestone is Allu Arjun’s goal to shatter box office records altogether. In order to achieve record-breaking numbers, the makers feel that a viral song is necessary for garnering positive word-of-mouth and significant public attention.

With the movie’s release date drawing near, all eyes are on the second single from “Pushpa: The Rule,” which the producers are hoping will generate the anticipation and buzz the film needs.

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