In the days when the earth is not very favorable, everyone’s determination is needed to improve the quality of the planet’s ecosystem.

 In this way, from the world’s top brands to small business owners, they are all trying to help save the earth by reducing the environmental pollution associated with their jobs;  A difficult task that, of course, if combined with creativity, will probably lead to a good result and can be the key to solving problems on its own.  One of the pioneering industries in this valley is the fashion industry.  This attractive market has shown its environmental concern for a long time and in recent years has taken a good step towards improving the environment and the blue planet.

 “Green fashion” is a part of the fashion industry that we will face more in the future despite the shortcomings resulting from consumerism;  Future-oriented fashion, based on the recycling and production of fabric, clothing and accessories from disposable products, with the aim of supporting and protecting the environment.  Sometimes it is thought that in today’s economic situation of the world and people’s desire for consumerism, despite all the financial restrictions, the fashion world will have relatively good conditions, but the truth is something else.  The lack of natural resources and people’s need to protect the environment will become so serious in the future that wearing luxury will probably not be the priority of the clothing needs of the people of the society.  It is unbelievable, but the textile industry is considered one of the dirtiest industries because the production of cotton products and synthetic fibers causes serious damage to the environment.  Fabric dyeing methods are often incompatible with the environment, and according to surveys, textile is the fifth most effective industry in the production of greenhouse gases in the world.  In such a situation, recycling is the best solution, and perhaps creative projects of recycling and green fashion can keep the fashion industry alive and dynamic in the coming decades.  In recent years, scientists and environmentalists have introduced unusual methods in fabric and clothing production with strange and fascinating inventions and innovations that make the future of fashion look promising.

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