Who does not like a good party? Indeed, people must continue the grind. However, there comes a time when they would like to relax and have a good time, and buy a good time they don’t mean a few drinks at the bar or dancing like a wild child. There needs to be a particular attraction and a whole different vibe to the party to get people going, Shannon Waldron specialises in exactly that!

Shannon Waldron has worked for years now, beginning our with Urban Fêtes in 2012. When he graduated from Southern Illinois university with a BSc degree in business management, he knew exactly what he would like to do in the future. The first step was to organise a number of accomplished millennials who knew what would please the people, what never gets out of style? Good events. Very soon he managed to build a whole network of leading brands along with entrepreneurs who had an innovative way of thinking, necessary to spice up the nightlife. Bringing on the razzle dazzle!

Urban Fêtes has distinguished place in the world of event organised at present. It has indeed become quite popular, grabbing the attention of big business organisations that book them out entirely whenever they have to put up fairs or host parties. They themselves have hosted a number of them in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, London and also Dallas. It’s hard to even imagine that they went as far as London, guess the British have a fine taste in event organisation too!

They put up some artists showcases and panel discussions for popular music and film festivals, that welcomed a number of celebrities. Shannon Waldron makes sure that Urban Fêtes puts a lot of effort into satisfying the people and meeting up to their expectations. This is one of the reasons why they never lack, they promise the best events and successfully execute them all. Planning, coordinating and executing are one of the best qualities that they possess.

There are future prospects for Urban Fêtes, obviously, especially with the Silent Parties. People really seem to enjoy the idea of putting over headphones and vibing to different songs. The recent marketing ways of Douglas 18, which is a golf course that will be available from 21st June in North Lawndale area of Chicago, is a pretty innovative approach. The party culture is evolving, grab on because we are all in for a wild ride!

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