In this interesting interview with OGF Slick, he shared his journey and struggles behind his creative brand “Gifted Misfit Clothing”. Discussing his 7 years long journey as an entrepreneur, Slick shared how he has gained fame as a rapper but he never saw himself as a rap star, rather he finds solace in his entrepreneur career. Slick is a unique designer with extraordinary talent. Like the name of the brand, Gifted Misfit Clothing which means looking different from others, his brands and designs are also different from mainstream clothing. He shared how he first drew the designs through his creative instincts and then designed the dresses out of clay. Slick shared that the biggest challenge he has faced so far is to release too many designs at once because he puts too much thought and effort into every design which requires considerable time. Facing all these challenges, he still managed to rebrand his brand Gifted Misfit in 2024 with a collection that is gaining appreciation among a wider audience. Slick shares that he still doesn’t deem himself successful as for him success is when one has achieved all set goals and Slick has a long way to go. The reason he has got so far lies in his dedication, motivation to offer something unique, and consistency and he strives to serve the market with the same passion in the coming years.