The ace neurologist lays out a few ways people can change their unhealthy lifestyle.

We hear so much about people getting trapped into certain addictions, some do it out of choice and some over time get habituated by the same. Humans are known for falling for certain habitual behavioural patterns. At the end of the day, what one chooses his/her life to be ultimately defines the lifestyle they may lead, whether healthy or unhealthy. Going beyond boundaries and achieving astounding success with his treatments for opiate addictions is Dr Russell Surasky, who is a board-certified in neurology, addiction medicine and preventive medicine and have created innovative and revolutionary treatments including spinal and Vivitrol adjustments that promise to help people wean off their addictions and get them back to their healthier habits.

Dr Russell Surasky currently serves the medical director of Bridge Back to Life, which is an addiction treatment program with multiple centers. He is also at the helm of Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction, located in Great Neck, NY. Most of his treatments are about Vivitrol treatment, stress reduction techniques and early-stage detox medications. His stress reducing spinal adjustments have proved to have lowered the stress to the upper spine and limbic system, proving his treatments to be remarkable in the medical industry for treating patients with addictions.

Apart from the incredible treatments he provides to his patients, below, Dr Russell Surasky lays out a few ways that can help people change their unhealthy lifestyle.

• Identify the unhealthy habits: Being aware of oneself is extremely important, points out Dr Russell Surasky. By identifying unhealthy habits, people can eliminate the same from their lives and better their mental wellbeing as well.
• Remove the negative triggers: Drug addiction is an epidemic believes Dr Russell Surasky. He suggests people to remove all those negative triggers in life that takes them more towards addiction. People must find ways that can help them avoid these triggers and walk towards a positive lifestyle.
• Have patience: Any major change that one wants to make in their lifestyle will take a certain time to show effect. Dr Russell Surasky explains that people need to have the patience to first believing in the treatments that doctors like him give for addictions and then wait for the results to show.
• Develop a strong belief to change: Dr Russell Surasky says that half the battle is won when people develop a strong belief to make that change happen in their lives. With the right treatments like Dr Russell’s, one can gain more confidence to change their life for the better with safer and effective treatments and get rid of their addictions.

For making people more aware of the destructive behaviour of opiate addictions, Dr Russel Surasky also travels around the country for educating physicians and the New York criminal justice system about the many revolutionary and innovative treatments available.

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