Social Media has empowered a lot of brilliant young minds over time, and Elbis Gjeci is the perfect example of it. The Italian fitness enthusiast holds 3 world records and has over 40k followers on social media. Why? Here’s his story.

Who Is Elvis Gjeci?

Elvis Gjeci is an Italy-based wellness mentor who is most popular for his expert excursion as an acrobat for right around 15 years has not recently restricted his abilities to wellness. This social influencer is likewise known for his exhibitions that range from aerial acts to numerous other gymnastic moves on different occasions as a performer. From opening shows of International Superstars to sports rivalries to live exhibitions on different occasions, Elvis has demonstrated his adaptability in different structures.

His Work?

Elvis has worked for the biggest brands like Audi, Volkswagen, Fiat, Maserati, Porsche, Skoda, Mercedes to give some examples. He has performed at different corporate occasions for the dispatch of results of brands like Huawei, Nike, Pandora, Asus among numerous others.

While everybody was intrigued with his incredible wellness venture, little did anyone realize that Elvis is an extraordinary entertainer as well. From directing gigs everywhere in the world, Elvis has investigated every possibility in clearing his approach to progress definitely.

Social Media?

Elvis keeps everybody snared to his exceptional exercise videos through Instagram. The gymnast has over 40k followers on Instagram and promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He was a piece of the CONI focus in Tirrenia and was one of the six agents from Italy to partake in an arrangement for Netflix under the course of Sylvester Stallone for the Italian release of the wonderful Bianca Balti and Francesco Facchinetti.

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