Israel and Morocco have consented to grow participation on climate and environment issues.

Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Idit Silman, whose parents immigrated to Israel as children, made the announcement following a trip to Rabat this past weekend.

On Friday, Silman went to the Moroccan capital to meet with Leila Benali, the minister of energy transition and sustainable development. Since the Abraham Accords were signed, it was the Israeli environment minister’s first trip there.

The update of understanding that will be inked by the two legislatures will incorporate a structure for participation between research foundations, business people and public and confidential bodies, Israel’s Energy Service said in an explanation.

“The fortifying of working relations between the state run administrations in the space of ecological assurance will add one more layer of the profound association between the Moroccan and Israeli individuals,” Silman said after the gathering.

The minister went on to say that “Morocco and Israel have similar challenges in the field of waste management, renewable energies, preservation of the marine and coastal environment, and more, and | believe that creating a common professional language regarding the issues of climate and sustainability is an important aim.”

In addition, Ambassador to Morocco Shai Cohen and Deputy Ambassador Eyal David, as well as Director General of the Israeli Environment Ministry Guy Samet and Deputy Director General Yonatan Oz, attended the meeting.

Silman likewise visited a gathering place in Rabat.

Israel and Morocco standardized relations in December 2020 as a feature of the US-facilitated Abraham Accords.

One million Israelis are thought to be Moroccan or of Moroccan descent. The country in North Africa currently has around 3,000 Jews living there.

After the coronavirus travel restrictions were lifted in 2022, more than 200,000 Israelis went to Morocco. ANI/TPS)

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