When we interviewed Fat Panda Tuan we asked him to list some key points that he would like the general press to know his statements are below as follows,

*Fat Panda Tuan is an artist from Maryland

*He resides in the DMV home of rappers like ybn cordae shy gilzzy, wale, fat trel.

*Fat Panda Tuan goes by Fat or Tuan by short.

*Fat has a vietnamese american artist, only other hiphop artist that is known in the game as vietnamse-Jamaica decent TYGA.

*Funny dope dance moves, you can see them on IG.

*Fat loves to cook and enjoy gourmet foods.. defintely has food references in his content.

*Was quoted in The Source Magazine “Fat’s humor and witty lyricism, which prompted the unconventional title, is all a part of Tuan’s one of a kind persona.

Coupled with his illustrious dance moves and creative visuals, Fat Panda is the new millennial, Vietnamese version of Biz Markie.

*dealt with depression growing up and music has always been therapy to me.

My style is like a vibe, I want people to feel good, hype em’ up, empower them with confidence.

*I am humorous and energetic. My bars can sometimes be funny and humorous here and there but witty and clever at the same time.

*I am heavily inspired by popular Japanese Culture. I am anime, manga, video game fanatic.

I portray a lot of these traits in my music.

*Before I became a full time artist. I was a personal trainer and general manager of some fitness companies. I then left the fitness industry and I became a successful sales manager at a couple different companies.

*If i wasn’t an artist i would see my self owning a restaurant, or running a fitness

*introduced to music early age

*Father was a musician that played keyboard and guitar all sorts of genres from Cha Cha, Tango, Jazz, old school rnb,
old school pop.

*discovered in hip hop in junior high years.

Fat Panda Tuan has amassed almost 10,000 followers and does not seem to be letting up anytime soon, from viral images to catchy tunes this person is definitely worth a follow! You can give his page a follow below


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