Born in Flatbush Brooklyn, raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Kess desire to create sounds that will define the age of the current generation. He’s been on the game for some time now, growing his talent and making noise about what he has to offer the world.

This new release will be a bomb, as it showcases the best of styles, harmonic, and sound production the producer has mastered over the years.
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Kess Nubian is not like you average producer. He’s been around for a while producing songs and beat, and helping artists get their message across. However, the extension of music classification into more than 35 genres makes it hard for producers to get noticed.

As a young man who believes in himself and abilities, Kess is prepared to take up the challenge. His new release will proof that, as it promises to deliver the kind of impact never seen in the music scene.

Apart from producing songs, Kess also wants to use his talents to improve the lives of young ones in his community and the world. He believes that through his creativity and the stories he tells, many young people will learn and get the inspiration to achieve greatness in anything they do.

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