Prior this week, Lil Nas X said new music is imminent, and now it would appear that he’s preparing to convey.

“gonna start back releasing music soon the old town road money running out,” he’d tweeted on Thursday (Sept. 10).

By Sunday, he’d calmly posted a page of what could be song titles – since one of the things on the rundown is “Call Me By Your Name,” a clip fans initially got with him in July – on Instagram.

He apparently affirmed that think about when he retweeted a post demonstrating the rundown “reveals part of his track list” for his up and coming album.

“Call Me By Your Name” is joined by potential song titles “Titanic,” “One of Me” and “Don’t Want It” on Lil Nas X’s list. The vast majority of the page’s content is hidden, so he’s leaving a little bit of secret on the table.

Take a look at his Instagram Stories, to get a hint of what may be works.

Paulina Rice

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