The movie Mr. and Mrs. Mahi made ₹10 crore in two days at the box office. Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao are the main actors in the love romance.

Day two’s box office take for Mr. and Mrs. Mahi On the second day of its release, Sharan Sharma’s film had a minor in its numbers. The movie has made more than ₹11 crore nett so far, according to The Mahi couple is supported by Dharma Productions, which is owned by Karan Johar.

On its opening day, the movie brought in ₹ 6.75 crore. Early estimates state that on day two, it brought in ₹4.50 crore net in India. Up until now, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi have made ₹11.25 crore. Saturday’s Hindi occupancy for the movie was 20.13% total.

Janhvi appears to be rather one-dimensional throughout the entire movie, according to the Hindustan Times’ review of the movie. Actually, her performances is enhanced by her sequences with Rajkummar. “The two had a really pleasant chemistry together, and I wish the filmmaker had capitalized on that a little more. After a hilarious first night and shortly after their wedding, romance blossoms but fades too soon. To be honest, you would lose interest in the movie at that point; it goes by quickly. Because of its sincere performances, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi is worth seeing once, but it lacks a fantastic script and any truly amazing scenes. A sports film with great ambition that regrettably misses the mark in its attempt to convey a message. I wish Mrs. had come before Mr. in the title at the very least so that we could have acknowledged women in cricket a bit more.”

Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao play the key characters in this love romance. Among the other actors in the movie are Rajesh Sharma, Kumud Mishra, and Zarina Wahab. In flashback sequences, the trailer revealed that Rajkummar’s character is having difficulty accepting the fact that his ambition of being named to the Indian national team has been dashed. He chooses to tutor her after learning that she is a skilled cricket player.

This movie is Janhvi and Sharan’s second joint venture. It also signifies Janhvi and RajKummar Rao’s second partnership. Raj Kumar and Janhvi were previously spotted in Roohi.

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